VRS Sri V. Venkata Rama Chandra Vasu

Sri V.V. Rama Chandra Vasu was born in the family of Philanthropists and has naturally inherited the quality of generosity. he has deep insight, right Judgment and an exceptional ability to execute thoughts in to action. Promotion of quality Education in this region in his dream and strives relevantly to transform dreams in to beatiful reality.

As an educationist, he keeps pace with the changing trends and stands first in provinding what the generation requires. That is how V.R.S & Y.R.N. College of Engineering & Technology has come in to existence respecting the management is one of the factors that contribute much to the rapid progress of an Institution, and the management of VYCET is undoubtedly such vigorous one with a stalwart like Sri V.V.Rama Chandra vasu at the help of affairs.

In this views, promoting education is not simply a service but a noble commitment, not a risk but a task. His aim is not to let the 55-year-old glory of the College Committee Generate in to a fading memory but to rejuvenate it in such a way as to make it robust to fit the modern world of learning with alofty ideal of kepping the Institution among the pioneering institutions of excellence, he acquitshimself diligently.