Library & Information Center:

The library remains open from 8:30 a.m. on all working days for the purpose of reference, issue and return transactions. At present, the Library has over 16426 volumes, 3182 Titles, it also subscribes to 75 Journals and 127 Magazines of India and overseas. The college has a policy of buying multiple copies of many of the books. Every effort is made to obtain all the titles recommended by the faculty. There is no budget approvals when it comes to buying books. The students need not be handicapped for want of reference material at any time. The Library have membership like IEEE, ACM, Institute of Engineers, DELNET and IETE.

Library Staff:

subba Rao  

Mr. B. Subba Rao, MA., MLisc
Date of Joining: 14-12-2007
Phone No. : +91 8594 239523 ext. 106
Cell: +91- 9912613424

Jhansi Lakshmi  

Mrs. K. Jansi Lakshmi , MA., MLisc,
Jr. Assistant,
Date of Joining: 01-07- 2006
Phone No. : +91 8594 239523 ext. 106